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Vysor – easiest way to access your Android from PC

It might not be the most sought after utility, but the ability to control your android from PC can definitely make your life a little more easy. This can help you save some time if you have to work on both devices simultaneously, specially for developers this tool can come handy.

control android from PC - vysor

Vysor is a chrome extension which lets you control your android from PC. So far all the tools which we have seen requires the phone to be rooted, but Vysor will work just by enabling developer mode on the phone. To enable developement mode, go to Settings -> About phone and press seven times on build version. After this you will see a new option under settings – Developer Options . Select that option and enable USB debugging.

Having done this, you can connect your phone to computer and Vysor will allow you to control it. Vysor is still in beta mode so it might not work perfectly but still it’s a cool utility.


Let me know if you know of any other such cools tools.


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Speed-up chrome When Multiple Tabs are open

Increase speed of Google Chrome with OneTabChrome, my favorite browser comes with a default problem. It is extremely slow if you are using  it while a large number of tabs are open.

The supposedly fastest browser from Google is extremely slow once you push the tab number to it’s limits.

Knowing that all the tabs & apps in Google Chrome create a separate process – I am not a big fan of adding Apps to Google chrome untill I am very sure that I will die if I don’t install this.

However I must say, OneTab App  is a brilliant one, this app automatically merges all of the apps in to a single tab & speeds up everything by 95%.

The coolest part is – you can merge & restore everything with just a click of a button.

OneTab Usage

Do share your ideas if you come across any such similar apps.