[HOW TO]Make fake viruses in windows

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We Take no responsibility for any of this tricks , Do it at your own risk ;) . HaveFunThere are several kinds of fake virus messages you can make. I will discuss 4 of them:1. Fake computer virus error messageThis one is by far, the easiest and all you have to do is to make a new text document with Read more [...]

9 thoughts on “[HOW TO]Make fake viruses in windows

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  2. Susannah

    You go to properties and then there’s a button near the bottom that says “Change Icon” click on that and then scroll through and find your desired icon.

  3. David

    OK, is there any way to change the icon on a batch file like the one created in the complete virus? I got the virus to work fine (very funny, nice trick, thank you) but when I right click/properties, there is no way to change the icon. Is there a way around that?

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