3 thoughts on “[HOW TO] Change your windows xp limited account in to admin account

  1. vincent

    how can you post this while the application is not free,i checked the site and this is what they say


    PCLoginNow download is now only available for PC Disk Tools customers. Only PC Disk Tools Customers who has ever purchased any of PC Disk Tools products can download any of the freewares issued by PC Disk Tools.

    For PC Disk Tools customers, you can start the downloading process by using any of the order IDs you got from Regnow emails and copy into the textbox below.

    If you have just bought a software from PC Disk Tools, you might not be able to download right away. Since we need to import your record to our database. But normally, you will be able to download within one week after your order transaction.

    1. Bhavyesh

      First of all sry mate for not replyin to your mails… and when I posted this app it was free. It’s a 2-3 year old post… check out the latest tricks posted here to crack the Windows admin password

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