[HOW TO]Remove virus Hacked by GodZilla

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We generally experience the following in our system if our sys gets affected by this Virus…

1)In IE, title bar is changed to Hacked By Godzilla

2)Double clicking on drive shows open with options.

Here is the procedure to remove virus “hacked by Godzilla
We’ll go step by step ….
1. Double Click on My Computer icon on Desktop and select Tools –> Folder Options

2. In Folder Options click at View tab1. check at Show Hidden files and folders

3. uncheck the Hide extention… and Hide protected operating system file

4. click OK.Since this will make visible all the DLL files of our system…I request my frnds Be cautious with the procedure..when we try to delete the virus…because we work with our operating System files tooo….

5.Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete. The Windows Task Manager will dispalay. Click at Processes tab
Now you can see many Processes running….In that Virus also makes its process run..we can see wscript.exe processes running..actually these are the Virus causing processes….

6. Select wscript.exe (one by one)

7. Click End Process button

8.Open drive (By right click and select Explore. Must not Double Click !) Delete autorun.inf and MS32DLL.dll.vbs (Press Shift+Delete) in all drives include Pen Drive and Floppy disk.(i.e; any R/W compatible memory devices….)

Remember, do not double click on drive just explore it and delete the virus.

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