End non responsive programs automatically in Windows

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Many time while working on PC the system suddenly freezes due to some non responsive programs and at times the task manager itself becomes non responsive. To overcome this problem windows has an auto task killer,which will automatically terminate the non responsive program after specified time.

To make this work according to our need we will have to modify the registry.

First go to  Start –> Run –> regedit.

Then navigate to the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop

In the right side pane, find the key “WaitToKillAppTimeout”, double click it and set the time to wait for not responding applications to come back to normal. The time is in milliseconds. If you want to end the task immediately, give the value as 0.

See the ScreenShot:

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  1. There was a post on this site earlier, i do not remember when but it showed a trick to change the administrator password from a non previllaged account in commond prompt. Can any one please let me know the commond, i do remember it was just one 1 to 2 line command.

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