[HOW TO]Download videos from YouTube

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Recently when I was surfing I found some excellent videos on YouTube and wanted to save it on my PC for my personal collection. But the people at YouTube didn’t allow me to download their videos(WTH:o). So I started searching for some lightweight app which can do this for me. And finally I found this YouTube Downloader which not only allows me to save those youtube videos on my hard disk but also converts it to any other file format I want. That’s cool.

youtube downloader

How to use it??

This software is really very easy to use. All you have to do is copy your video URL and paste it in the box. Then it will ask you where you want to save this video, select the location and you are done. Your video will be downloaded at the location selected by you. After that you can convert this video to any other format by using this software or you can use VLC player to play the flv file.


For more info visit http://youtubedownload.altervista.org/

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5 thoughts on “[HOW TO]Download videos from YouTube

  1. convert youtube to mp3

    hey! do you know where I can download the ghostbusters theme song (mp3)?, thank you..! Mike.

  2. Hemant Devrani

    thanks dude but there is much more better way to download video than this .

    if in the link provided in the address bar you replace the word ‘youtube’ with

    ‘voobys’and press enter you can easily download the selected video without any software

    eg. http://www.youtube.com/watch…xxxxxx just replace with this directly from the address bar

    i.e http://www.voobys.com/watch…xxxxxx and you are done.After this a new webpage opens and you can

    save the video wherever you want and the downloading automatically starts.

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