Speed up firefox with SpeedyFox

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Mozilla is one of the most popular browser used to surf the internet and my personal favorite too. It has many advantages over other internet browsers. It allows the user to customize the browser in the way he wants. More secure then any other browser available in the market.  But it also has some disadvantages like it may take long for firefox to get started. It happens because of overburdened internal database.


You can make your firefox start faster by cleaning up the SQLite database of it. This can be done by using SpeedyFox. SpeedyFox compacts the database of FireFox that too without any loss of data.


Just download the SpeedyFox from the link given at the end of this post. Run the exe file and click on “Speed My Firefox” button and see the difference in the start up  time of your FireFox.

Download SpeedyFox 0.3

Download latest version of FireFox


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