How to remove recycler.exe virus from Pen Drive

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Recycler.exe virus mainly spreads through Pen drives and other removable media devices. Each time you insert your Pen Drive in any infected computer it copies itself to the Pen Drive. It also opens a backdoor and secretly downloads some potentially unwanted and malicious files to your computer.

How to Remove recycler.exe virus from pen drive??

  • Download Flash Disinfector and save it on your desktop.
  • Run the app, it will ask you to insert Pen Drive.Insert your Pen Drive and click OK.
  • It will remove autorun.inf file from your Pen Drive. Now open your pendrive and delete unwanted files(recycle.exe, recycler.exe etc.) from it.
  • To remove it from your PC delete all the unwanted exe files and do not run any of those file. Download free trial version of Eset Smart Security and run a scan. It will clean your PC.

Download Flash Disinfector

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