Use Game booster to Optimize your PC for gaming

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It takes a powerful machine to run the latest games available in the market. If you have too many processes running in the background then your game may start taking hiccups. To avoid this performance problems one require to stop the unwanted processes and close all the unneeded programs.

Game Booster can do all the things for you. It is an application which is dedicated to game lovers. It helps to improve your gaming experience. It can save a lot of time of your by stopping all unneeded programs and services on a single click of your mouse.

Game Booster also optimizes your primary memory for better gaming experience. In short it automates the process of optimizing your PC for gaming.

Game Booster

Once you enter the gaming mode it finds all unnecessary processes and temporarily disables them. When you switch back to normal mode it will start all the services which were disabled previously.

Download Game Booster(940kB)

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