[Get]Microsoft Live SkyDrive – Free 25GB Online File Hosting

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SkyDrive from Microsoft Live is the most ultimate thing available to date. It is a free file hosting service from microsoft with a hefty storage space of 25GB.

Windows Live SkyDrive
Microsoft's Windows Live Sky Drive

The key advantages are:

  • The service is free
  • you can access it from your My Computer windows explorer like any other drive.(Though you need a seperate extention called SkyDrive Explorer(Free))
  • The entire system is Password Protected. (No one else can see without your permission)
  • If you share the files with your friends, They will need to sign-in to view the file.
  • There exists a public folder as well (You can share files easily with others).
  • All the data will be stored safely on Microsoft’s Cloud Servers.
  • No worries for HardDisk Failures or Reformatting your PC.
  • Easy access from every on internet (With just Few Clicks)

I personally loved this service. Though I am a frequent user of Google Docs, Ahem .. Which also has started allowing people to upload any type of files to Google Docs & they always had the Picasa service available online. However it is still limited to 1GB only. For additional space they require users to pay money.

So in my opinion, SkyDrive is a must for anyone who wants to keep files safe & loves sharing the files online.

Though sky drive has great number of features, You will need to download & install SkyDrive Explorer(Free) to use skydrive from your MyComputer windows explorer. Otherwise you will have to go to Skydrive’s Web Interface in order to access , upload or download files.

Click Here to visit SkyDrive

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