[How To]Transform your Windows XP to MAC Leopard

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Just found this Windows XP to Leopard transformation list which can help you to make your Windows XP completely look like MAC Leopard. If you are a MAC lover then you will definitely going to  like this one. See the screenshot.

See this list of softwares that are needed for transformation.


The page is not any kind of tutorial or something rather it is just a list of softwares you will require for transforming your XP to Leopard.

If you require any more information or need tuts to use this softwares you can refer these links.


  1. Comprehensive tutorial by alang – ([link])
  2. Tutorial by Nylock – ([link])

Mac software clones for Windows: ([link])

F O R U M S:
Aqua-soft – [link] / OS X-e – [link] / HollywoodGui – [link]

Credit: RaatsGui

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  1. Very good Tutorial! Anyone looking to ‘replace’ the Windows GUI should do this.

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