Access Linux partitions from Windows using Ext2fsd

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If you are using dual boot to use Windows and Linux on the same machine then you must be knowing that Windows OS does not support the ext partitions. Fortunately for the users like us there is one great open source project which allows the users not only to read the data from ext partitions but also allows to write on it.

read ext partitions from windows

Ext2fsd is a driver for Windows NT/2K/XP which allows the user to access linux partitions by mapping it as logical drive in Windows. During installation you can choose whether you want to load the drives automatically every time Windows boots or you want to load them manually.


  • lightweight and easy to install
  • provides support for reading and writing data on ext2/3
  • supports large directories and files


  • can not access ext4 partitions
  • will not work on Windows 7

Download Ext2fsd for Windows XP/2000

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