Detect and remove autorun.inf from Pen Drive

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Autorun.inf is the file which determines which program will execute automatically when you open or connect your pen drive. Majority of the virus programs use this file to spread themselves. So if not needed this file should be removed from the pen drive. But it is not an easy task to remove the virus affected autorun.inf from the pen drive.

So for novice users I will recommend to use Autorun eater. Autorun eater automatically detects the autorun.inf file and if it is actually infected by a virus then it can also tell you the files associated with it.

This can be really helpful because most of the time people don’t know what to delete after deleting the autorun.inf.

To add some more value to this software the developer has added some more tools  to fix common windows problems like disabled task manager , registry editor  or hidden folder settings.


You can read more about this tool at the original developers blog

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4 thoughts on “Detect and remove autorun.inf from Pen Drive

  1. Susy Modest

    Just want to say what a fantastic blog you got here! I’ve been around quite a lot of time, and now decided to show my appreciation of your work! Thumbs up, and keep it going! Regards

  2. Vishal Tandel

    To remove / delete the autorun.inf file from your drive
    Open the task manager
    Select the explorer.exe process & select End Process
    This will result in disappearing the desktop items.
    But do not worry.
    You will have a windows task manager window open
    GO TO File
    Select “New Task [Run]”
    Type” CMD”
    Command window will open type the command
    Del d:\autorun.inf [select the drive letter properly]
    Close the cmd
    GO TO File
    Select “New Task [Run]”
    Type” Explorer”
    Your desktop items will re-appear.

    Thanks & Regards
    Vishal Tandel

  3. gauravKushwah

    this is a nice software to eat the autorun files but what if there is a software which will prevent from this file to be created, i’ve found a software called usbvaccine you can search on google which does the same. try it. it creates it’s own autorun.inf so that no autorun.inf will be created anymore by plugging in any infected computer.

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