We have got a new Address :D

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Hello guys, this is your same old mate Bhavyesh a.k.a BAS from Etricks. Due to some technical difficulties we had to move our blog to a new location TipsFromGeek.com.

As you can see a lot of things here have been changed and I hope you people like this new look. We have got a new facebook fan page as well. So you can follow our updates on fb also.

It took lot of efforts to shift the site to entirely new location and that too with total new look. Special thanks to my bro without whom it was not possible for me. I hope we will get the same response as what we got for the Etricks.

So guys just change all you bookmarks and links to TipsFromGeek.com. And do vote in the poll below. I would love to know your views about our new look. And if you see any error any where in the site please inform us using the comment form or the Contact Us page.  I would really like to know your views about our new look. So please do vote in the poll.

[poll id=”2″]

Also tell us what did you like in this new site and what you didn’t. Your comments and kind suggestions are always welcome.


Love you All 😀

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  1. Simple…., But Felt Pleasant…., Nice Work Dudes…, Wishes to both Brothers…,

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