Gwennel : A tiny WYSIWYG editor

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Sometimes you do have to deal with old machines with less memory and processing power.Obviously you can not use the latest heavy weight softwares on such machines because of the resource constraints. If you are an Open-Office user and got to work on any such age old machines then here we have something useful for you.

Gwennel is a tiny portable app which you can use for opening and editing your Open-Office document files (.odt). If you think this is all you can do with this small app then you are wrong. It is also a WYSIWYG editor. Which means you can actually format your documents just as you do in the Open-Office.

This is a great small program available for Windows systems only. You can use it along with Wine if you are on a linux machine. It is a nice portable app to have in your pen drive. Must have for Open-Office users. You can download it from the link below.

Download Gwennel (Freeware) (140 KB)

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