SvcHost Exe process info & virus details

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What is an SVCHost.exe file? & What is it doing in your task manager?

An svchost.exe file is a windows generic host process & is there for a good reason, This files is a native integral part of the windows operating system. It basically supports various windows services running from the Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files of windows. The services that may require SVCHOST.Exe include Windows Firewall, Automatic System Updates, Windows themes , Plug and play, Fax & printer services & many more. These services ideally start automatically when the windows system starts. These files are found in all windows operating systems launched after windows 2000 NT. (i.e Windows XP, Vista & 7)

When your windows system boots, The Svchost.exe file checks the windows registries & automatically builds a list of services that needs to be loaded. Usually each SVChost.exe carries different services from windows. If you find multiple SVChost.exe files in your task manager, there is nothing to worry about, It’s absolutely normal for windows to run multiple svchost.exe simultaneously.

SVCHOST.exe Virus & Removal

It is possible for malicious softwares to modify the windows registry & make SVCHOST.exe process to load the wrong malicious .dll files. Which will endup in making your computer or network affected with viruses and malewarez.

Another common approach is that virus files are names SCVHOST.exe did you see the difference in the filenames ? SVC vs SCV??
What this file sCvhost.exe does is that it allow hackers to access all your personal information, This is a virus of tye W30/Agobot-S , You may also call this a trojan horse. Since it hides itself with a genuine process name.

How to remove Svchost.exe virus or sCvhost.exe virus:

1. Removing the Svchost virus can be a very tedious task, Though i personally managed to somehow remove the virus using advanced tactics, It is not recommended that you try and follow the same, Because a single mistake could lead to a damaged Operating system, Which would be difficult to recover.

2. So instead of giving you the steps I find it appropriate to suugest you that you should use an Anti-virus to do this for you.

3. You can grab your self a free copy of antivirus over here ( Norton Internet Security).

100% CPU utilization error in SVCHOST.EXE Process & Memory Leaks:

The first solution to this problem is that you may just want to restart the computer, Most of the times this will solve your problem,Another quick solution for this problem is to start the task manager & find the process causing this problem & then right click the process name and set the priority to low.

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