[How To]Protect your Pen drive from autorun virus

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One of the most challenging task now a days for naive computer users is to keep their usb drive free of autorun viruses. Most of the time when you connect your USB drive to any public computer chances are pretty high that an autorun virus gets loaded in your pen drive.  So next time when you put it in your computer your computer will automatically get infected by the autorun virus.

BitDefender has come up with a really useful tool named USB Immunizer. Bitdefender USB immunizer is designed to help protect windows users from autorun virus files. It creates an autorun.inf file which can not be modified or replaced by the malicious autorun files.

It also allows user to easily on /off the autorun feature in Windows operating systems. A user can easily turn off the autorun feature by dragging the slider to off in the main screen.

Autorun immunizer can save you from a lot of hassels which can be caused by the autorun virus.This amazing app is free for everyone and can run on any of the latest Windows operating system. You can download it from the link given below.

Download : BDUSBImmunizer1.zip (1.1 MB)


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  1. hey guys i have end the process of explorer.exe from task manager and my desktop icons have disappeared.when i chose new task and entered “explorer” it even did’t work,so what to do?plz help…….

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