[How To] Block websites without using any software

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It is easy to block a website on a computer using any software or just by changing the dns server and making few settings but if you don’t want to use any additional software or service then too you can block websites on your Windows machine. All you will require for this is :

  1. A windows machine.
  2. A text editor (notepad will do).
  3. A web browser .

Just follow the steps given below to block a particular website.

  1.  Navigate to the  C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
  2. Find the file named “HOSTS”
  3.  Open it using notepad.
  4.  Under “ localhost” Add www.orkut.com , and that site will no longer be accessable.
  5. Done!

example : localhost www.orkut.com

– www.orkut.com will not be accessible anymore.

If you want to add more sites then just increment the IP address by one and add it to the list.

i.e. www.yahoo.com www.msn.com www.google.com

You can use this trick to block popup sites as well or any other advertising site.


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  1. Block Wesite Without Software :-This trick will not work if anyone entering the site through a search engine

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