Easily manage multiple windows using WindowPad

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If you often find yourself opening and switching between too many windows and working on multiple windows simultaneously then here we have an easy to use tool to make your life easy. WindowPad. This tool is a freeware and runs on Windows operating system.

After downloading the tool from link given below you can easily resize, move and manage all the open windows on your screen. It uses hotkey combinations to easily move and resize windows. Below are the hotkey combinations used in this tool.

;   Move and resize windows with Win+Numpad.
;     Win+Numpad1 = Fill bottom-left quarter of screen
;     Win+Numpad2 = Fill bottom half of screen
;     etc.
;   Move windows across monitors. For example:
;     Win+Numpad4 places the window on the left half of the screen.
;     Win+Numpad4 again moves it to the monitor to the right.
;   Quick monitor switch:
;     Win+Numpad5 places the window in the center of the screen.
;     Win+Numpad5 again moves the window to the next monitor.
;     (This works by monitor number, not necessarily left to right.)
;   QUICKER Monitor Switch:
;     Win+NumpadDot switches to the next monitor (1->2->3->1 etc.)
;     Win+NumpadDiv moves ALL windows to monitor 2.
;     Win+NumpadMult moves ALL windows to monitor 1.
;   Other shortcuts:
;     Win+Numpad0 toggles maximize.
;     Insert (or some other key) can be used in place of “Win”.

image source : thecrumb.com

You can even change the hotkey combination to use some other key in place of Windows key by editing the ini file supplied with the tool. To download WindowPad use the link given below.

Download WindowPad (60 kB)