How to dual-boot Windows 8 + Windows 7 without burning a DVD

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As we saw few days back Windows 8 Release Preview is available for free. If you haven’t downloaded  it yet, you can download it right now. After downloading the iso file and mouting it using any image mounting software,  if you use the default setup it will upgrade your Windows 7 to Windows 8. As it is not a stable release you might not want to upgrade your current OS right away. So the only option left is dual-booting Windows 7 with Windows 8.

Before doing this make sure you have an extra partition except the one where your current OS is installed. If you don’t have an extra partition with enough free space, go to start and type Disk Management. Run this tool and use it to create a partition out of the free space. Windows XP users can use Free Partition Wizard to create new partitions.

Now to dual-boot Windows 8 with your current Windows OS, mount the image file using any software. After mounting the image, do not use the default setup. Instead of this right click on the virtual DVD drive and select open, navigate to Sources folder and launch the Setup.exe file residing there. After running the setup installation files will be copied to temporary folder. If you are on a laptop make sure it is connected to the power supply. Enter the product key in the next screen(you can get it from the download page) and accept the terms of use.In the next screen there will be two options – Upgrade and Custom. Select the second option and carry on the process. Next select the drive where you want to install it, DO NOT SELECT your current system drive. Here on you can take on the process as usual

Typical Windows 8 installation requires 15-20 GB of free hard drive space. So make sure you have enough space before proceeding further.  You can use the comment box below if you are facing any issues.

3 Replies to “How to dual-boot Windows 8 + Windows 7 without burning a DVD”

  1. Heyy, I have Windows 7 and Windows 8 dual booted. I want to add Ubuntu but I want to keep the screen where you pick the os from windows 8. I think this just looks a million times better than grub. Did you install Ubuntu first, last, or in between windows 7 and 8? And if I install Ubuntu after I install 8 will it keep the boot screen?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. No, older systems does not support new system. So if you install Windows 7 over Windows 8, your Windows 8 boot loader will be overwritten and you will not be able to boot Windows 8.

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