[How To] Get Windows 8 like start screen on Windows 7/XP

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If you are amused by the all new start screen concept of Windows 8 but haven’t got a chance to give it a try then here we have something for you. The most discussed feature of this new OS is it’s all new start screen which is made up of multiple tiles. WinMetro is a free application which will allow you to have a look and feel of a  Windows 8 start screen on your current Windows OS.

WinMetro - Windows 8 start screen on Windows 7

WinMetro is a free software developed by IObit using which you can replace your current start button with the new Windows 8 kind of start screen. All you have to do is download and install the software from the link given at the end of this article. After installing the app it will automatically show your most used softwares along with some built in app tiles.

Some default apps included with this are calendar, weather, photos, news and some more tiles which are simply loading the webpages inside it. Once you define your default picture directory with the “Photos” app it will allow you to view all your pics on the click of a tile. The weather app uses your ISPs location and shows the weather info about that location which was not accurate in my case. You can use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom to scroll inside the screen.

After starting your PC and logging into your account it will take you to the start screen first. To go to your desktop you can press Win + X or click on the desktop tile and to again bring up the screen press the same keys or simply move your mouse cursor to bottom left corner of your screen and click on the start screen.

This software will work on Windows operating systems only. It uses around 40-50 MB of RAM continuously. So if you are already running low on resources then you might not want to use this. You can use the link below to download this software.

Download WinMetro for Windows (5.95 MB)





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3 Replies to “[How To] Get Windows 8 like start screen on Windows 7/XP”

  1. I really liked this software but i didn’t liked one thing.

    I am using Windows XP, so after using this software i get the screen of Windows 8 and from this screen say for example if i select Google Chrome (which is being displayed as a tile) what happens is that first the desktop screen of Windows XP gets displayed and then Google Chrome gets opened, instead i was expecting Google Chrome to be opened directly without showing my Windows Xp desktop screen.

    Is there a way to do that ?

    1. I don’t think so. Actually how this works is at first it tries to minimize the window and then issues a command to run another app. If you have a fast enough computer then you might never notice this and as I mentioned in the post this software is little resource intensive.

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