How to disable built-in PDF viewer of Firefox 19

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As we have mentioned in the earlier post, the main feature of Firefox 19 is it’s built-in PDF viewer. But if you still prefer to use a third-party tool for this then you can easily turn off the built-in viewer.

If you wish to change the default PDF viewer, you can do it by going to Options -> Applications tab. There search for PDF and select the required option from the list.

Default pdf reader firefox

Or else you can completely disable the built in PDF viewer by going to about:config. Type about:config in address bar and press enter. Click on I’ll be careful, I promise. In that page search for pdfjs.disabled. Set its value to true and you are done.

Default pdf reader firefox 2



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  1. Thaaaaannnnks!!!!!

    To me this kind of non-features can very much compare to most browser toolbars (Ask, Avast, etc.)


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