How to install custom ROM in Samsung Galaxy 551/ i5510

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Old android phones hardly get any OS updates. And if you are not in US or Europe you might never see any update for your mid-range Android device. The only way left to update your phone’s OS is by flashing your phone. Flashing in simple words means re-writing your phone’s OS, uninstalling the old operating system and installing a completely new operating system in place of it. It might not be as easy as upgrading computer’s operating system and risk of bricking your phone is very high in this process. Though if done correctly, the joy of using a new OS is all worth it. It surely will give you a feel of using  a completely new device. Here is how I upgraded my 3-year-old Samsung i5510 to Android 2.3.6.

Samsung i5510

This article can be used as a basic guide for upgrading any Android bases Samsung phone. You will have to download correct files according to the model you are using. Here I have used Odin multidownloader to flash my operating system. CALLISTO_v1.0.ops to define the operations. This file will be different for each handset. So it is very important to download appropriate ops file.  I used XWKPH – XEZ 2.3.6 Firmware which is a Russian firmware for i5510. You should download the latest working firmware for your model. An extension came along with this- SS_DL.dll. After grabbing all this files from internet I started the process.

Before starting the process it is very important to back up all your important data. No need to back up any thing from memory card, as it will stay untouched during the process. Also make sure that you have mobile drivers installed on your PC. In my case I used KIES which is common for  Samsung phones.

Coming back to process, restart your phone in download mode. To do this on i5510, switch off your phone and then hold up Power button + Q simultaneously. Phone will turn on in the download mode. Start Odin and  connect your phone to the computer using data cable. The ID:COM box will turn yellow, which means you have successfully attached Odin with the phone.

After this click on the OPS button and select CALLISTO_v1.0.ops. Then click “One Package” button and select the ROM which you have downloaded. You must use the correct ROM. Do not use a ROM which is not meant for your phone. Check the One Package, Auto Reboot and Protect OPS options under the options section. Now click on the start button and make sure that the process is not interrupted by any means.

Successful reboot of your phone indicates that the new ROM has been installed. You may see that all the old apps are still there and might face some issues in operations. To fix it restart your phone in recovery mode. Use T + Power button for this and select Wipe data / factory reset. Also clear the cache. You can use Volume buttons to change selection.  After this select “reboot system now” and done. You have successfully updated your mobile phone.

Note : This guide is for knowledge purpose only and we don't take any responsibility for any damage you may cause to your phone.