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You just purchased a new Android device and you realize that the default keyboard is not good enough for your needs, what now? Don’t worry. Here we have listed some of the coolest keyboards available for Android phones and tablets.


Precise, Fast and excellent auto-correct feature, says all about it. SwiftKey comes with one of the best predictive engine and understands your typing method. It learns from your past actions and tries to predict the words, which are pretty accurate(well most of the time). The new flow feature allows you to swipe your finger across the screen to type words, no need to tap ;). Apart from this you can also use themes to customize its look. What else do you want??

Android Swype KeyboardSwype

Well, if you have used Android for long time now then you must have already used this cool keyboard. It comes preloaded in many of the popular Android mobiles. Or else you can download its beta version from the net. And yeah, Guinness world record for typing fastest message on a touch screen was created using this keyboard ;).

GO Keyboard

Another keyboard with word prediction, auto complete and slide to type feature. But it’s better known for its beautiful themes and wide options for customization. There are more than 60 themes available for this keyboard and it supports almost all major languages.


Last but not the least, it does everything that others can do and a little more. Supports 70+ language packages, speech-to-text converter, support for A.I.Type next word prediction plugin and much more. A perfect replacement for your not-so-cool stock keyboard.

Hacker’s keyboard is also cool if you are accessing/working on a terminal using your phone. And there are many others but we are looking for the coolest one’s, so the list should end here.

Did we miss your favorite? Let us know if you think there is any other Android keyboard as good as any of this. You can use the comment box below.

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