Check if someone is stealing your wifi Internet with Fing

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Internet has its own benefits and issues.

My uncle had unwanted guests on his Wifi router, he had kept his password as 12345.

While his point was valid that he  did not want to keep random passwords only to forget them later, at the same time he never knew that people in his neighbourhood would take an advantage of this. A couple of his neighbours guessed his password – “voila” they had free high speed Internet.


My uncle only realised this problem when he saw the  Internet usage bill. He was freaked out to see a 100 GB worth of data  download in a months time.

When we discussed this, I gave him an option to find out the users and block specific devices that did not belong to him. Here is what we did?

1. Identifying a list of devices that share the same wifi network. :
Fing mobile app is a brilliant solution to identify all of the users on same wifi network. It will not only tell you the Mac Address of the device but will also offer the device names with icons I. E. Laptop, I pad, Android Tablet etc.

2. Taking these Mac addresses of these devices to your wifi router :
Almost all wifi routers come with a security option to block specific devices from the network. These options are visible under the Lan settings or Wifi settings area.

Hope you like this simple tip to keep your wifi protected, if it helped you then don’t forget to share it with others – it may also help someone else.

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