How To Enable Controlled Folder Access on Windows 10

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Controlled Folder Access is a tool that blocks malicious apps from altering data of the folders that you choose to protect and this tool is a part of the Windows Defender Exploit Guard of the Windows 10 Falls Creator Update.

Lets say you download a third-party application and it is trying to make changes of the data present in the folders that you want to protect then Windows will immediately block the app’s access and notify you of the activity.

Here is how you will enable the Controlled Folder Access:

  1. Go to Start->Settings->Update&Security.
  2. From there open Windows Defender Security Center or just search Windows Defender Security Center from Start.
  3. Now click on Virus&Threat Protection->Virus&Threat Protection Settings.
  4. Turn on the Controlled Folder Access Button.Controlled Folder Access
  5. Once you turn on you will be able to see List of Protected Folders & Allow apps to pass through the Controlled Folder Access.

Controlled Folder Access Conclusion:

Controlled Folder Access is a great privacy protection tool that really puts the user to the driver’s seat and not vice-versa.

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