[How To Use] Your Phone Camera for Testing & Checking if a Remote Control is Working? 

Remote controls & cell phones are an integral part of our lives. We can live without food for a day but definitely not without a remote control & a cellphone. (OK I know that’s a little too much).

Point is did you know your phone camera & remote control are good friends?

One of my ACs stopped accepting commands from it’s remote & as you can imagine it was a pretty frustrating experience. I tried everything from changing the batteries to 2 tight slaps for the remote (typical Indian Jugaad).

Later when I called my AC repair service, the mechanic gave me this idea. He told me we can check if a remote is working or not just by pressing the remote buttons in front of a cellphone camera.

The thing is remote controls have a light emitting diode that are pretty fast & they emmit signals in a fraction of a second. Making it almost difficult for the human eye to see things in action.

Mobile phones on the other hand process images & are slightly slower, hence they are able to show the light processing with a brief delay.

So next time before start slapping your remote or think the battery is dead, use this trick to make sure if your remote is working fine.

[Android Trick] Cast A Magic Spell using your Android Phone

What would Harry Porter do if he would find himself in a dark room? He would cast a magic spell on his magic wand to light up the room.

Guess what you can do the same with your Android phone. Latest version of Google Now allows you to turn on & turn off the Torch of your mobile phone using the exact same Harry Porter commands.

The voice command is “OK Google Lumos” to turn on the light & “OK Google Nox”.

You can also activate silence mode by calling out “OK Google Silencio”.

Go cast your spell!