[How to]Load and use multiple OSs from your USB drive

Ever felt like carrying your Ubuntu, Fedora, Tiny-core and all other OS’s iso in your pen drive? Yes, you can now carry all your favorite Operating systems with you wherever  you go and boot from them using the same USB drive.MultiBoot USB is a freeware which can help you to use the multiple OS iso files on the same pen drive.

To use the MultiBoot on your pen drive it must meet some requirements first. You’ll require a FAT32 formatted pen drive and a computer which can boot from a USB device. Prefer using an 8-16 GB pen drive so that you can have more different operating systems on it.

To start off first download the MultiBootISO’s from here . Run the executable and follow the instructions. Browse to the ISO file you want to load on your USB drive and build the bootable USB using it. You might have to format your pen drive during the process so do take a backup of all your data which is there on the pen drive.

To add more ISO files repeat the same procedure. Restart your PC and set the highest priority for the USB drive to boot from it and done. Do give it a shot!!! 🙂

Download MultiBoot ISO’s (781 KB) (Freeware)

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Backup your Linux machine with LuckyBackup

LuckyBackup is an Open source software developed under GPL license. It’s main purpose is to keep your important folders in sync with the backup folders so that you can always have a backup copy of your important files and folders ready.

The interface is really easy to use. You just have to define the name, source and destination folders for each job. You can even synchronize with remote computers and save your preferences as profile so that you can use the same settings for other jobs as well.

See the video below to know usage of this software.

In final words, it is a great simple software, too many options yet too easy to use. Must have for all linux users. Backup your important data now before it’s too late.

Download LuckyBackup (5.3 MB) (SourceForge Link)

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How to completely customize your Ubuntu (Ebook)

If you are a Ubuntu fan and have some free time to spend then here is something worth doing this weekend. This is a guide written by a Ubuntu user Towheed Mohammed and was shared at UbuntuForums. I just came across this while surfing and thought of sharing it with you guys.

This ebook will guide you with step by step information at every stage. Here is what the author says about this book.

In my quest to fully customize the graphics in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) starting fom the Grub menu and working my way up to the desktop I’ve found bits and pieces of informations scattered throughout the threads. Most of these were not geared towards people new to Karmic. Also, a lot of the customization were not thorough enough, I wanted to do a lot more than what was given. This is when I decided to test the waters of customizing Karmic. The learning curve was very steep because I am also a beginner to Karmic and Linux on the whole. I decided to put everything I’ve learnt into what I hope will be a very comprehensive guide on customizing the graphics screens of Karmic starting from the Grub menu.

This guide is written for beginners and so the more experienced users may fnd it a bit repetitive. Some may even say that there are programs available that allows you to do the customizations easily, but I’ve found that such programs just scratches the surface of what’s possible.

In my advise if you are a real geek and have got some spare time this weekend then do try your hands on this one. It will be real fun. Even I am planning to follow this guide and will post screenshots of my work once I am done.

Download Ubuntu Customization guide (Mediafire) (5.24MB)


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