UNetbootin – Install Linux from USB stick[HOW TO]

Sometimes you may need to install a new Operating system from pen drive or you may need to boot using your USB stick. You have to use a pen-drive to boot if you don’t have a CD drive in your PC or you have the iso file but don’t have the blank CD to burn it.


UNetbootin can come in handy in such situations. It is a free program which can be used to install a new Windows OS or any of the various distributions of Linux from USB stick. By using this tool you can make your pendrive bootable and install a new OS in your PC using usb drive.

It allows the user to choose the OS he wants to install from the various options available. User can select to install the OS by using the already downloaded iso file or by selecting any of the option supported by the program.

Unetbootin works well with Windows as well as Linux operating systems. You can download this freeware from the link given below.

Download UNetbootin(2.9 MB) for Windows

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[HOW TO]Boot From USB|Make your pen drive bootable

Many times, when you are facing a critical windows problem and you need the bootable cd urgently to repair your windows but some how you don’t get it.

MakeBootable is a free software which lets you convert your pen drive into a bootable media, After making your pen drive bootable with makebootable you can use your pen drive like a windows xp bootable cd.

Makebootable is so easy to use, as it make your normal USB pen drive a bootable media in one click.

But there is a limitation, you will need to format your pen drive with fat file system in order to make your device bootable.

Convert to FAT and use MakeBootable

1. Backup the existing files on the drive.

2. Perform a FAT format

3. Now Run Makebootable.exe to make your USB portable device bootable.

After making your pen drive bootable, go to your BIOS and select USB Device as First Boot device in the boot device priority.

Download MakeBootable | Application HomePage

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