How to play counter strike online[for noobs only]

This post is for noobs like me who are new to gaming and don’t know much about online gaming.

Here is the simplest way to play your favorite cs source/1.5/1.6 online.

Garena is a gaming client used by thousands of  gamers across the world. It creates virtual LAN among all it’s users.


  1. Go to and download the setup file.
  2. Install garena in your PC.
  3. Register for the free username and password on their site.
  4. Using the ID and password login into the client .
  5. Now select the game you want to play from the left side pan.
  6. Next go to lobby and join ur country room .For indians – go to international -> V.street room
  7. Now from the client start the game .
  8. In game press ` and type SLIST. You will see the list of hosts. Select any host. Copy the IP of that host and type connect IPADDRESS. it will be something like

Now you are all set to play CS online with your friends.


(If you want to play with me add me on garena. My id is basenjoy )

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[How to] Make custom counter strike spray/logo

  1. First download HLtag converter from here .
  2. Extract the file and execute the tag converter.
  3. Click on open image and select the image you want.
  4. Click on Adjust Image. A window will display. First click Auto Size, and then click Apply changes and convert to 256 colors.
  5. Now click save tag and select “export to wad file”.
  6. Save the wad file twice. Name the first file as tempdecal and second as pldecal. Copy both files, tempdecal.wad and pldecal.wad to cstrike folder of your Counter Strike 1.6 client.
  7. Done

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