Play your fown mp3 songs in GTA vc

Ever wanted to play your favourite songs in gta vice city?????

Here is the trick to do that.

There is a folder inside the GTA Vice City game folder called MP3. You can place your own MP3s into this folder.
If u hv installed the game in it’s default location den it’s path wld be
C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\mp3

Inside the game, scroll through the various radio stations until you get to the one that is usually the last one (“Wave 103”). There will now be a new station listed as MP3 Player after the Wave 103 station. Select this, and you’re now listening to whatever music you placed into that folder. It will play in random order.

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[How to] Make custom counter strike spray/logo

  1. First download HLtag converter from here .
  2. Extract the file and execute the tag converter.
  3. Click on open image and select the image you want.
  4. Click on Adjust Image. A window will display. First click Auto Size, and then click Apply changes and convert to 256 colors.
  5. Now click save tag and select “export to wad file”.
  6. Save the wad file twice. Name the first file as tempdecal and second as pldecal. Copy both files, tempdecal.wad and pldecal.wad to cstrike folder of your Counter Strike 1.6 client.
  7. Done

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