[Top 10] Best Facebook Games to Kill Time

Warning: These games are super addictive, If you will play once, you won’t get over it.

Do you get bored really easy? You should try playing one of these games, Millions of users play it every single day, For me this is one of the reason I keep coming back to facebook.

Here are the top facebook games popular around the world :

Rank Game Active Users Developer
1 Cityville 95,025,706 Zyanga
2 Farmville 51,000,384 Zyanga
3 Texas Holdem Poker 38,161,049 Zyanga
4 FrontierVille 20,356,964 Zyanga
5 Café World 15,433,951 Zyanga
6 Mafia Wars Game 13,838,140 Zyanga
7 Millionaire City 12,166,847 Digital Chocoloate
8 Treasure Isle: The Adventure Game 11,814,102 Zyanga
9 Pet Society 11,266,231 Electronic Arts (EA)
10 Bejeweled Blitz 10,814,441 POPCAP Games

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