[How To] Send Free SMS using Facebook

Finally a free Adfree SMS service from facebook has arrived. The only problem is that if you need to send some one free SMS, He or She must be registered with facebook & must have a mobile verified account. Now a days we all have our mobile number updated and verified with Facebook so it won’t be much of a problem.

First let’s check how to verify a mobile for Facebook :

Step 1:  SMS the letter F to 9232232665 (92FACEBOOK) (If you stay in India)
Step2: Open http://www.facebook.com/mobile/?settings in your browser.
Step 3: Check your mobile, You should have received an SMS by now with the confirmation code.
Step 4: Now again go to your browser & click on Already received a confirmation code? (India only, For USA & other countries click on Register for Facebook Text Messages )link on that page.
Step 5:  Congratulations, You just got a mobile verified account in facebook.

Okay now to send the free SMS thing :

Step 1:  Click on the messages Icon right next to the facebook logo

Step 2: Click on the send a new message link as highlighted below

Free sms facebook

Step 3 : As shown in the dialogue box below, Type the name of your friends whome you want to message: & make sure you tick on the Cell phone icon above the Send Button.
If your friend has verified his phone on facebook, You will be able to send him unlimited free SMSes from Facebook.  Oh by the way your message has been delivered 🙂

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[How to] Delete friends in Facebook

delete friends from facebookFacebook is by far the best social networking website I have ever been on, But the problem is that there are a lot of people who bug me, I don’t want to be friends with them anymore for some or the other reason.

What should i do?
Simpe, Remove them from the friend list.

How do i delete them from my friends list?
Follow the Steps:

1 : Go to your friends wallremove friends from facebook - unfriend link
2: Scroll Down to Bottom
3: On the left hand side, just below the friends list
4: You will find the  link called Unfriend : (Check image in the left of this article)
5:Click on that & that friend will no longer remain a friend

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Prevent Your Facebook Account from Hacking

Facebook Accout HackingA lot of people( specially Girls 😮 ) ask me “hey, is it safe to have your photos and everything on facebook? , My friend mary told me her account was hacked last week. ”

Well people here is the answer to your Question:
Yes , Facebook is absolutely safe as long you do not give your password to anybody else, or as long as nobody is able to recover your password with your personal information.

These are the tips everyone should follow when accessing your facebook accounts:

  1. Never go to facebook via some link. always type www.facebook.com in your browesers address bar, If you hate typing ; type it once & then set it as bookmark in the toolbar
    • Most people who loose facebook accounts loose them because some fraud scammer sent them a link to Phishing domain & got them trapped to put their user name and password on phishing page.
    • when innocent people put their log-in details on a page looking exactly similar to facebook page, The fraudster gets access to username and passwords for free.
  2. Choose your recovery questions wisely:
    • Another popular method of hacking facebook accounts is to recover the passwords using personal details
    • My friend Jay used to enjoy this stuff quite a lot, He used to login to other people’s orkut accounts and would post all the nasty stuff. Which was really funny. The most common question used to be, My first mobile number: hack; thats the stupidest question i have ever seen as password recovery option.
    • Make it difficult to guess, Your seucrity qustion has to be unique, such as my Grand Father’s sister’s name: etc….
  3. Increase your recovery options; Go to http://www.facebook.com/update_security_info.php?wizard=1 & update your email addresses and cellphone numbers.
    • Incase if you happen to loose your facebook account, As a last resort this is what will help you out.

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