[Firefox] Quick and easy to use Gmail Notifier Add-On

I usually don’t like using add-ons. I find them intrusive and are not of much use – for me at least. But this tiny add-on has somehow managed to stay in my Firefox . Gmail Notifier is a Firefox add-on which will notify about incoming mails. Well, I agree there are already too many of them. But there is something different about this one.

When others just notify you of the new email, this one not only previews the email in a tiny box but also allows you to simply Mark as read, report spam, trash or archive the message. How much of your time would be saved every day? You can simply delete those “not so useful mails” with two mouse clicks without having to switch between multiple tabs.

Best Gmail Notifier
Gmail Notifier


It also supports multiple accounts and label based notifications. To know more about label based notifications, follow this link.


1. Multiple account support
2. Multiple label support
3. Low bandwidth usage by using RSS technology
4. Mark as read, report span, trash or archive messages right from Firefox toolbar

This might not be of much use for everyone, but those who rely heavily on Gmail for office work or other important communication and need to continuously monitor their mail account, this one would save a lot of time. To get this add-on, click on the Add to Firefox button below.


[How-to] Use Gmail to send free SMS anywhere in the world

Previously we showed you how to send free SMS using facebook and now Google has integrated similar service with Gmail. So anyone using Gmail can send a free SMS to any of his/her contacts right from the mailbox. If you haven’t used this service or don’t know how to use it then follow the steps given below.

  1. Head to gmail.com and login with your user id and password.
  2. After logging in point your mouse at any of the contact from chat or use the search box to search the contact.
  3.  Now point your mouse at the contact name and then select “Send SMS”..
  4. After this it will ask you to select the country of receiver and enter receiver’s number. Enter your friend’s number here.How to send free sms using gmail 2
  5. Now you are all set to send free SMS to your friend. You’ll get 50 free SMS credit at the beginning. Every time you receive a reply from anybody your SMS credit increases by 5 up to 50. So if it ever gets over you can always send one SMS from your number and you will get 5 more credits.
  6. Also if your SMS credit goes to zero then it will automatically increase back to one after 24 hours which means you can send at least one free SMS everyday .

Have fun 😉