You will never loose Whatsapp Chat history with this Auto Backup App

Yes, it is possible. You can automatically backup Whatsapp on a remote cloud server. This means you will never loose a single message in case of you have to format your phone or even if you loose your phone.

Your data will remain under your control forever.

Automatic Backup for Whatsapp

When I gave my tablet device for a repair at the Lenovo service center, I was very upset because all of my Whatsapp data was about to getnbsp; deleted.

Whatsapp is my primary channel for communication followed by email SMSes. I use it on a regular basis to interact with my friends, family work associates. It was heart breaking for me to know that I will have to loose all the data there was nothing thatnbsp; I could do.

A lot of people suggested me that I should manually take a backup upload it on cloud regularly but hey that’s to much of manual work, too much of data upload for a mobile device to handle.

I have been looking fornbsp; an app to do all of this automatically for me I am happy to share that there is an app that does all of it Automatically.
Auto Backup for Whatsapp is an easy to use solution. This app does not only save your chats on their cloud servers, but also let’s you see your data on their website.

The free version allows you to backup once per month, but hey there is a paid version as well – this paid version let’s you manage the frequency of your backup. All of this you get it for less than 3$.

I haven’t found any other option to make a comparison of this App. Would love to see your advice if you have experienced this functionality with some other mobile app.

Record & Share your Travel Path / Track on Google Maps with MyTracks

GPS enabled smart phones bring a long list of Advantages. If you are a fitness freak who loves exploring new tracks for running/cycling or If you are a lone rider who keeps forgetting way-in & way-outs; Here is a brilliant app for you to record & save your travel tracks.

MyTracks  MyTracks1

My Tracks records path, speed, distance, and elevation while you walk, run, bike, or do anything else outdoors. While recording, you can view your data live, annotate your path, and hear periodic voice announcements of your progress.

If you are inviting someone your place & find it confusing to show them the path; all you need to do is record your self on MyTracks & share it with others; they will get to see the path in Google Maps & find the destination easily.

Some of the other apps that offer similar features include :

RunKeeper GPS Run Track – There is a perception out there that Runkeeper is a little slow to show activities & may give incorrect readings 25% of the time.

Runtastic Road Bike – While most users have a positive feedback for the App. There is a dangerous thing with this App; while running / cycling – it may load up advertisements & it may get a little risky to click on the close ads button while riding.

Nike+ Running – Nike+ is a complete fitness App – it is meant to motivate you for Running; offers good tracking features but more useful on the fitness side.

If you have any other recommendations; feel free to post it in the comments section.