Android Go! All you need to know

As new smartphones are coming in the market,factors like storage and RAM have become an decisive factor in knowing the performance when apps are installed.

With Google’s Next Billion ambition it realized that much of its audience will be potential low-end budget smartphone users and because these phones are not able to run high end apps and crashing, the company came up with a solution Android Go!

What Is Android Go?
Android Oreo(Go Edition) is the newer version of Android Oreo specifically designed to run on low end smartphone devices without much processing power, with limited amounts of RAM(<1GB), and with a small amount of storage. It’s also meant for people with limited internet connectivity .

Though Google had initially launched the Android One project for similar cause it was not successful because Android apps still required more than 1GB RAM which resulted in increase in the budget of smartphone .

As apps are the major medium through which users communicate so although the Android was revised, the Apps still required more resources and so the low end mobile would still crash.

So the major difference between Go and One is that apart from being a revised version of Android , Go provides pre-installed apps that are compatible with low-end hardware. Apps such as YouTube, Maps, Gmail, Assistant, Messages, Files, Camera, and many others all have Go versions that run smoothly on these devices. Additionally, the Play Store on Android Go phones will promote “lite” versions of apps more so users can avoid installing high-resource apps (although the entire Play Store is available all regular Android apps can still be installed).

Smartphones Using Android Go

Go is launching six phones, with prices ranging from around $50 with carrier subsidies to around $130 outright. They include the Nokia 1, Alcatel’s 1X, ZTE’s Tempo Go, Lava’s Z50, Micromax’s Bharat Go, and General Mobile’s GM 8 Go.

Whats the downside?

There’s no guarantee Android Go is going to work. If Google wants to engage people away from flagship phones it needs to make sure Android is good enough at the $50 or so price point.

Whats the upside?

Android Go will receive more frequent updates than normal Android which is what every Android user craves for.

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How To Get Stock Android Notification Panel on your Android Phone

There are many Custom UIs for Android however Stock Android UI is one of the most simple and easy to use and also the updates are easier to provide.

Stock Android has its own style of notification panel ,as lot of Android smartphone companies have started creating their own version of Android the notification panel is customized.

If you are the one who likes Stock Android here’s a quick guide for you to get the Stock Android Notification Panel on any phone including the one’s having Custom UI’s like MIUI.

Step 1: Install MaterialNotificationShade  from Google PlayStore.

Step 2: Open the app and turn on the notification and write permission for the app as follows

Step 3: Use different themes provided by the app. It provides choice between Oreo and Nougat versions of notification panel. You can also change the background color and layout of the panel.

How To Watch YouTube videos in Picture-in-Picture mode on any Android device

With the release of Android 8.0 on 21st August 2017, Google modernized on how we watch YouTube videos by releasing the Picture in Picture mode where in we can watch the videos even while using other apps.However for viewing in PiP mode you need to be a YouTube Red member and have an Android 8.0 device. 

As a lot of devices still haven’t received the 8.0 update this feature is quite handy So to use this feature here’s a quick guide for you:

Install the Float Tube Video player by clicking this link.

1. After installing click on the share button of YouTube video you are watching and select the Float Tube Video player

How to access the app via YouTube2.Now click on the icon in the bottom right corner of the player to switch on the Picture in Picture mode and enjoy watching videos while using different applications.

Accessing PiP mode and final look of the feature