Top free image editors for Android

Android market has many quality apps for editing pics on the go. With the amazing camera quality most android devices have these days, need for a handy image editing tool is obvious. Here we have compiled a list of few amazing free photo editors for Android devices.


Undoubtedly one of the best free photo editor. This app will let you correct colors, add word balloons, stickers and other cool effects to your images. You can get more features in the pro version. But even the lite version is good to try if you are looking to have some fun with your pics.


Another great app with cool features. Crop, rotate, adjust colors, apply effects, draw and share. These are some of the features of this app. The list of features is quite impressive for a free application. You can even make a collage out of your images using this amazing app.

PicsPlay – FX Photo Editor

Another easy to use editor with comprehensive features. It is not as popular as previous two apps but surely as good as them. You can select one or more presets from 200+ presets and create your unique effect. Time matrix is an interesting feature of this app which allows you to apply the variety of effects to your pic according to the time you set.


Last but not the least, Pixlr-o-matic, one of the finest image editor. I won’t write much about this one. Why? You can see it yourself. Yes. No need to download this app to test it. Visit this page (link) and try this app right inside your browser. Download it to your smartphone if you like it. Simple and awesome.

Don’t see your favorite app listed here? Please let us know. You can use the comments box below :).

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Popular mid-range android phones and their price in India [July – 2012]

Android phones are booming the Indian mobile market. Here are some of the most popular android phones and their current market price in India.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Ace plus : 14800
  2. HTC One V : 18300
  3. Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos:  12800
  4. HTC Desire C : 14650
  5. Sony Xperia Neo L : 18200
  6. Xolo X9000: 19250
  7. Sony Xperia Go : 18500
  8. Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 : 17000
  9. Motorola milestone : 17500
  10. LG Optimus L7 : 17500
  11. Sony Xperia U : 16100

Prices indicated here are for reference purpose only and may vary.

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Google Android Phones : What a Wonderful Life

Are you considering buying a new phone? Stop before you come to a conclusion, I have something that will interest you. It’s Android. The latest offering from Google. Confused? Android is an operating system made specifically for mobile phones. Like we have windows Xp , Windows 7 etc… Android can be called as windows 7 for mobile phones(In best operating system sense ).

Here are the top10 reasons why Android is an ideal choice for every one:

  1. Native Google Support : It means you get your Emails,Google & Orkut Contacts, Gtalk, Google Maps,Google calender all in one place; Synchronized with your phone. Yes they are synchronized with your phone & everything can get updated on the web & in the phone at one go.
  2. A phone for every budget, Unlike iphone , Android phones are available from a variety of manufacturers, It doesn’t matter if your budget is Rs.6000 or Rs.30,000/-, You will get a phone that fits your budget, The only thing that varies is hardware inside the phone. ( But be rest assured, These are all better than what you get from traditional Nokia phones.  )
  3. Facebook app imports all the facebook contacts to android & you get to see the pictures of your facebook contacts when they call up. Same goes for twitter. The facebook app views photos in a super cool way, It shows high definition full screen slideshow on the phone, It really feels as if the photos were lying on the phone memory. The photo descriptions appear right inside the slideshow thats good too.
  4. Whether its the remaining battery or new chat or a new email, Everything comes with SMS style notification (Yes you can customize them). Continue reading “Google Android Phones : What a Wonderful Life”

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