XPRSS – easy to use feed reader for BlackBerry

XPRSS is a fast, clean and easy to use feed reader for BlackBerry smartphone users. There are very few feed readers available in the market which can come anyway near XPRSS.

XPRSS comes preloaded with variety of feed categories. You can easily add new feeds of your choice. Variety of options are available for the user to choose from. One can add feeds to the reader directly using the feed url or just by giving the main website address and it will automatically find the feed location.

The most useful feature of it is it also allows the user to import feeds using OPML. So if you are an existing google feed reader user or using some other software to manage your feeds, you can simply export your feeds and import it into XPRSS.

If you like sharing what you discover then again XPRSS comes handy. It allows you to share articles directly from the post page to almost all popular social booknarking and social media sites. So if you are a BB geek and love to stay updated all the time then XPRSS is a must have app for you.

Download XPRSS for blackberry (Freeware)

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[How to]Transfer and install .Jar file in Blackberry

If you are using OTA files then there won’t be much trouble installing it as you can use your Blackberry Desktop Software for such files but if you are using non-OTA files then the procedure is little different. Follow the simple steps given below to install .jar files in your blackberry phone. This method works for all Blackberry Bold models and few other models.

  1. Download .JAR file to your PC
  2. Connect your Blackberry to your PC via USB cable.
  3. Copy the .jar file which you want to install.
  4. Open “My Computer”
  5. Find your BlackBerry device in the list of drives.
  6. Paste the file either into the root of Blackberry or in a subfolder.
  7. Unhook Blackberry from USB cable
  8. Scroll to the “Media” icon in your bb device.
  9. Click on the “Media” icon to launch it.
  10. Press the menu button and select “Explore”
  11. Locate the .JAR file either on the device memory or memory card
  12. Click the file, and it should prompt you to download (install)
  13. Click “Download” and your app will be installed.
  14. Now go to the “Downloads” folder and you can see the installed app there.
  15. Done 🙂

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