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Airtel GPRS Settings

Before you can use the Airtel GPRS, You should activate GPRS for your numberm You can do so by
sending an SMS  GPRSACT from your Airtel number to 511

Airtel GPRS Settings

In order to use Airtel GPRS you need a phone with WAP or GPRS Services. Though the fact is most phones nowadays come with a basic GPRS browser.

Following are the settings you should use for Airtel Gprs in your phone

  1. Homepage – Anyurl you want or say .
  2. User Name – [Empty]
  3. Password – [Empty]
  4. Proxy –[Empty]
  5. Proxy and Server Adress – [Empty]
  6. Proxy and Server Port – [Empty]
  7. Data bearer – GPRS or Packet Data.
  8. Access Point Name –
  9. Authentication Type – Normal
  10. Use preferred access point – No
  11. MCC – 404
  12. MNC – 90
  13. APN protocol – IPv4

Alternatively you may also download Airtel Gprs settings by sending an sms MO to 2567 (Toll Free).

Manual Airtel live settings

Airtel Live is India’s largest WAP portal, accessible to all Airtel customers with Data enabled handsets. Access to Airtel Live is absolutely free, and there are no charges for activating the service or browsing the portal. Charges are applicable for content downloads from the Airtel Live Portal, depending on the content downloaded.

  1. Account Name – Airtel_live
  2. Homepage –
  3. Username – Blank
  4. Password – Blank
  5. Proxy – Enabled/yes
  6. Proxy and Server Adress –
  7. Accespoint Name –
  8. Proxy and Server Port – 8080
  9. Data bearer – GPRS/ Packet Data
  10. Authentication Type – Normal

Alternatively one may also download the Airtel Live settings by sending an sms as FUN to 54321

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