[Free Software &  APP] Download Wunderlist Todo List Manager from Microsoft

Are you one of those people who leave from home to get some milk & return back with chocolates?

Do you find it difficult to keep track of all your daily chores, meetings & all the items you have been lending to your neighborhood?

Well, there is a solution available for this problem. You must try Wunderlist – it’s an app from Microsoft.

A Quick Review :

Wunderlist is a cross device Todo manager that works with web browsers, Android phones, tablets, Apple devices & Windows PCs.

This nifty little tool is extremely powerful & supports collaboration, which means you can collaborate with your friends, family & colleagues .This also includes a possibility of delegating your work to others 😉

You can also start discussion thread along with your ToDos. These discussions and comments can include Photos, PDFs, Presentations and more.

The beauty is in the reminders, you can set as many reminders as you want and never have to worry about anniversary gift for your wife.

The simple and easy to use folder system allows you to organize projects for home, work and everywhere else.

Here is how the app looks :

You can download the software and app for various devices here :


How to save tabs before closing browser [Chrome]


(Firefox users : Read the last paragraph of this article)

If you are an old Firefox user then you must have already used this feature. Previously Firefox used to ask users to save open tabs before closing the browser window. So that next time when you re-open your browser you can directly start from where you left.

Save all open tabs before closing

Google Chrome never had this feature. If you have moved from Firefox to Chrome and if you are missing this feature then you can get it back using OneTab.

OneTab is a Chrome extension which allows user to save all open tabs in a list and restore them later, one by one or all at once. It can not only save you from temporary bookmarking but also reduces the memory usage.

If you have too many tabs open and you know that you are not going to need them for sometime then you can simply click on the OneTab button and it will save all open tabs in form of a list. Closing open tabs will reduce memory usage. This extension is clean and pretty easy to use.

You can read more about OneTab over here or directly install it from here.

For Firefox users:

Firefox no longer asks for saving open tabs. But you can still save all the open tabs on Firefox as well. For this, first go to Options ->General->When Firefox starts. There select Show my windows and tabs from last time from the drop-down list and click Ok. After this when you want to save all open tabs, click on Firefox button at the left-top corner and select Exit (File -> Quit on Ubuntu). Clicking on the Close  button will not save open tabs.


Chrome 26 for Android available for download

Google Chrome for Android

chorme 26 for Android

Chrome for Android is steadily moving ahead of others. After providing an update for desktop version last week, an update for Android version has also hit the store.

With each update, the difference between its desktop version and mobile version is reducing. Chrome 26 comes with auto-fill sync and password sync features. Which means now you can synchronize passwords and form auto-fills with your desktop and other mobiles running Chrome. You can use the setting windows to enable these features.

(If you are on an ARM V6 device then this won’t work, you can try Mozilla Firefox for ARM V6)

And obviously this update comes with some bug fixes and stability improvements as well. Here is what they have listed on Play store.

Google Chrome 26 for Android

Updates in this version of Chrome for Android include:
• Password and autofill sync: Access saved desktop passwords and autofill entries from your Android device
• Fix for blank page loads in some scenarios
• Several stability improvements


You can update it directly on your phone or follow this link if you are a first time user.