Add useful commands to Windows right click menu

Using context menu is the quickest way to do certain tasks on Windows-based PCs. You can immediately access a software, execute a command or do edit operations from right-click menu.

The right-click menu or context menu already has the wide range of useful options, but there might be some things to which you need quick access.

Earlier we used to do it by editing registry and going through some complex procedure and the procedure used to differ for different Windows versions. But when you are using a software to do it, it becomes all much easier and quicker.

Easy Context Menu is one such free software which can be used on all latest Windows systems. When you start the program you will see a list of commands ready to be added to different context menus.

Easy Conext Menu

All the options shown are self-explanatory, you just need to select the options that you want to add to context menu. You can read more about this over here

Easy Context Menu is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Vista (32-bit + 64-bit both). You can download this small free software from the link given below.

Download Easy Context Menu


Easily find and delete duplicate contacts on Android

duplicate contacts remover - Android

After using your Android for few months, you might have noticed that there are too many duplicate entries in your contact list. This happens because of synchronizing multiple online accounts with your contact list. Each one of them will add a new entry for a contact. Some entries with the same email are merged automatically but still there would be some duplicate entries.
duplicate contacts remover - Android

Same thing happened to me, it would take around 10-15 secs just to load the contacts list on my phone. I had around 700-800 entries in my contacts. So I think that was obvious. Manually checking and deleting each entry was not an option here. It would have taken at least 2 hours if I had to do it manually. So I went to play store and searched for some light and easy to use duplicate contacts remover in a hope that there would be at least one app for doing this odd job. But to my surprise, there were too many apps for this.

After trying 2-3 apps, I downloaded Duplicate Contacts to try and see if it serves the purpose. After installing and opening the app, it asked me to allow it to add a search shortcut to my home screen, add a bookmark and change my browser search settings, which I declined. But still it worked :D. After that it was all easy. It generated a list of duplicate contacts in few secs. I only had to click on two buttons. Show and delete.

It saved all my duplicate contacts in a vcf file on SD card before deleting. So that I can recover them anytime in future. That is one useful feature. Give this app a try if you feel your contacts list is too slow.




Make free calls and messages to any Android, iPhone device

Viber for desktop

If you are an Android or iPhone user, then the name Viber might not be new for you. Viber has been available for Android and iPhone users since long. It lets you send free messages just like WhatsApp but above it, it also allows you to make free calls to other Viber users.

Viber for desktopNow with its desktop versions being launched recently, you can make free calls and send messages directly from your Windows or Mac machine. You will be able to connect with any device that is running Viber and is connected to the network.

Viber will sync all your devices, all the messages that you sent or received using Viber, call logs, contacts, everything will be available on all your devices. Which means you can start a conversation from your mobile or tablet and continue it in the comfort of your desktop.

Some of its cool features :

  • Voice calls to other devices
  • Video chat (for desktop users)
  • Text messaging
  • Group chat
  • No registration, just enter your mobile number to get started
  • Sync with all devices

The video chat feature is expected to come to the mobile versions in near future. Currently Viber is available for all major operating systems. You can download your desired version from