Free alternatives to MS office

Some free alternatives to MS office:

1.Google DocsGoogle Docs is one of the best office suite and the biggest competitor of Microsoft office.If you have a decent internet connection, Google Docs includes a web-based Word Processor, Spreadsheet application, and a Presentation app. Best of all its free.

2.Zoho– Another online office tool also includes project management facility along with word processor, spreadsheets and presentation.

3.OpenOffice –  Free and open source application. Available for Microsoft as well as many other OSs. Comes with vector drawing, database, word and spreadsheets.

4. Thinkfree – ThinkFree Office is another application suite comprised of word processing,          spreadsheet, and presentation graphics software-all usable online as well as offline. With Thinkfree users can share, edit, and contribute their ideas remotely.

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