[Firefox] Quick and easy to use Gmail Notifier Add-On

I usually don’t like using add-ons. I find them intrusive and are not of much use – for me at least. But this tiny add-on has somehow managed to stay in my Firefox . Gmail Notifier is a Firefox add-on which will notify about incoming mails. Well, I agree there are already too many of them. But there is something different about this one.

When others just notify you of the new email, this one not only previews the email in a tiny box but also allows you to simply Mark as read, report spam, trash or archive the message. How much of your time would be saved every day? You can simply delete those “not so useful mails” with two mouse clicks without having to switch between multiple tabs.

Best Gmail Notifier
Gmail Notifier


It also supports multiple accounts and label based notifications. To know more about label based notifications, follow this link.


1. Multiple account support
2. Multiple label support
3. Low bandwidth usage by using RSS technology
4. Mark as read, report span, trash or archive messages right from Firefox toolbar

This might not be of much use for everyone, but those who rely heavily on Gmail for office work or other important communication and need to continuously monitor their mail account, this one would save a lot of time. To get this add-on, click on the Add to Firefox button below.


Chrome 26 for Android available for download

Google Chrome for Android

chorme 26 for Android

Chrome for Android is steadily moving ahead of others. After providing an update for desktop version last week, an update for Android version has also hit the store.

With each update, the difference between its desktop version and mobile version is reducing. Chrome 26 comes with auto-fill sync and password sync features. Which means now you can synchronize passwords and form auto-fills with your desktop and other mobiles running Chrome. You can use the setting windows to enable these features.

(If you are on an ARM V6 device then this won’t work, you can try Mozilla Firefox for ARM V6)

And obviously this update comes with some bug fixes and stability improvements as well. Here is what they have listed on Play store.

Google Chrome 26 for Android

Updates in this version of Chrome for Android include:
• Password and autofill sync: Access saved desktop passwords and autofill entries from your Android device
• Fix for blank page loads in some scenarios
• Several stability improvements


You can update it directly on your phone or follow this link if you are a first time user.

Download Mozilla Firefox for ARM v6 based Android devices

Firefox for ARM v6 Android devices

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular desktop browser and recently it was made available for Android devices as well. But till now it was available for latest ARM v7 based processors only. So if you owned any mid-range Android phone then most probably it can not run the Mozilla Firefox for Android. But now to increase its user base Mozilla is now looking to release an ARM v6 based version of its mobile browser.

Firefox for ARM v6 Android devices

The final version is not available yet but you can try out the nightly builds which are available here. Nightly builds are not defect free. But that won’t be a problem for people who are eager to try it out on their phone. Apart from the default stock browser I am using Dolphin and Opera on my phone. Dolphin is good for high speed connections and Opera works well for 2G connections. I tried using Firefox over 2G as well as Wi-Fi connection. Over Wi-Fi it was working smoothly. No glitches while rendering. Though form fields were little messed up at times. But it being a nightly build it was acceptable. It took more than usual time to load pages in slow connection. Rendering engine is same as what is used in desktop versions.

Over all the user interface is nice and easy to use. I would love to see “Landscape only” option added to it. Switching between tabs was never so easy before. I was able to load TipsFromGeek properly which is having a heavy design considering mobile browsers. If you are already using Firefox on your desktop then Firefox Sync can be a savior. Apart from this the other noticeable features are Save as PDF, Share, Reading List, Request Desktop site . With “Save as PDF” you can save any web page as a PDF and read it later. The new “Share” option allows you to quickly share things using other applications on your phone.

Firefox Add-on gallery is the bonus. There aren’t many useful add-ons as of now but looking at its current growth definitely there will be  many more options very soon. Hoping to see its final release pretty soon. Till then Dolphin stays default on my phone ;).