Run Chrome OS using VMware or VirtualBox

Want to try out the latest Google Chrome OS?? Yes it is possible. Recently Google released the source code of their Chrome OS. Anybody can download the source code and compile it for their own use. Even if you don’t know how to use this code then also don’t worry. We have found some resources for you where you find the compiled files of Google Chrome OS.

You can run this OS using Virtual machines. You can use VMware or VirtualBox to get your Chrome OS working. Download the virtual image file of the OS from here. Go to this page and register a new account. Verify your account and you will get the download links for the Google Chrome OS. You will require VMware or VirtualBox to run this image. I will advise you to use VirtualBox as it’s a freeware. You can download VirtualBox from here.

Check out this video. I found this on youtube. It will show you how to get chrome OS running on your PC.

If you have already got your Chrome OS running do let me know what you think about it.

Download Links:

Download VirtualBoX (69 MB)

Download Google Chrome OS image file (313 MB)


Google Officially unveils Chrome OS

After so many rumors and and so many days of anxious waiting Google have finally revealed the Google Chrome OS. It’s simple and it’s cool, an OS based on cloud computing. See the video below to know more about Chrome OS.

After watching this video do let me know your views about the Google Chrome OS by commenting here.