Snow Leopard Transformation Pack for Windows 7 and Vista

Snow Transformation Pack will transform your entire user interface to Mac OS X Snow Leopard, including Snow Leopard Welcome Screen, Visual Style, Icons, Wallpapers, Sounds, Dock and much more.

This pack is really worth a try. If you are a Mac user and trying to get familiar with Windows 7 or Vista then give it a shot. It will change almost everything from logon screen to visual style and make it look like Mac OS. Do not forget to disable UAC before installing this pack. Also create a system restore point before doing this so that if anything goes wrong you can easily revert all the changes and get back to your old Windows 7 look.

Download Snow Transformation Pack (30 MB)

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Snow Leopard theme for Windows 7

We have already discussed about making your Windows XP look like Mac Leopard     over here. Today I am going to show you a cool pack developed by the devian art user sagorpirbd which will help Windows 7 users to get the Snow Leopard look in Windows.

Click on the image for larger view Snow  leopard look for Windows 7
Click on the image for larger view

This is one of the best pack I have seen for Windows 7 and it contains everything that you will require to make your Windows 7 look like Snow Leopard. The pack is specifically created for 32-bit systems but will work on 64-bit systems also.

A readme file is included in the pack. Just follow the instructions given there to turn your Windows 7 into Snow Leopard.

Download Snow Leopard theme for Windows 7(18.7 MB)

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