How To Watch YouTube videos in Picture-in-Picture mode on any Android device

With the release of Android 8.0 on 21st August 2017, Google modernized on how we watch YouTube videos by releasing the Picture in Picture mode where in we can watch the videos even while using other apps.However for viewing in PiP mode you need to be a YouTube Red member and have an Android 8.0 device. 

As a lot of devices still haven’t received the 8.0 update this feature is quite handy So to use this feature here’s a quick guide for you:

Install the Float Tube Video player by clicking this link.

1. After installing click on the share button of YouTube video you are watching and select the Float Tube Video player

How to access the app via YouTube2.Now click on the icon in the bottom right corner of the player to switch on the Picture in Picture mode and enjoy watching videos while using different applications.

Accessing PiP mode and final look of the feature

[Android Trick] Cast A Magic Spell using your Android Phone

What would Harry Porter do if he would find himself in a dark room? He would cast a magic spell on his magic wand to light up the room.

Guess what you can do the same with your Android phone. Latest version of Google Now allows you to turn on & turn off the Torch of your mobile phone using the exact same Harry Porter commands.

The voice command is “OK Google Lumos” to turn on the light & “OK Google Nox”.

You can also activate silence mode by calling out “OK Google Silencio”.

Go cast your spell!