Make free calls and messages to any Android, iPhone device

Viber for desktop

If you are an Android or iPhone user, then the name Viber might not be new for you. Viber has been available for Android and iPhone users since long. It lets you send free messages just like WhatsApp but above it, it also allows you to make free calls to other Viber users.

Viber for desktopNow with its desktop versions being launched recently, you can make free calls and send messages directly from your Windows or Mac machine. You will be able to connect with any device that is running Viber and is connected to the network.

Viber will sync all your devices, all the messages that you sent or received using Viber, call logs, contacts, everything will be available on all your devices. Which means you can start a conversation from your mobile or tablet and continue it in the comfort of your desktop.

Some of its cool features :

  • Voice calls to other devices
  • Video chat (for desktop users)
  • Text messaging
  • Group chat
  • No registration, just enter your mobile number to get started
  • Sync with all devices

The video chat feature is expected to come to the mobile versions in near future. Currently Viber is available for all major operating systems. You can download your desired version from


How to read data from .ipd files on your computer

When you backup your blackberry phone the data is saved in .ipd format. This file contains all the data which is there on your phone and you can use it later to restore your data. But sometimes you do need to open this file on your computer and manipulate the data.

Magicberry is a free application which allows you to open and manipulate IPD files with ease. One can read almost all data from the IPD file using MagicBerry. It can extract SMS Messages, Phone Call Logs, Address Book, Service Book, Tasks, memos and calendar data from the file.

Read data from .ipd files

You can also combine multiple ipd files using this free app. So you can merge multiple blackberry backup files for use. MagicBerry can run on Windows 7, Vista and XP operating systems. You can download this freeware from the link below.

Download MagicBerry – (4.59 MB)

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XPRSS – easy to use feed reader for BlackBerry

XPRSS is a fast, clean and easy to use feed reader for BlackBerry smartphone users. There are very few feed readers available in the market which can come anyway near XPRSS.

XPRSS comes preloaded with variety of feed categories. You can easily add new feeds of your choice. Variety of options are available for the user to choose from. One can add feeds to the reader directly using the feed url or just by giving the main website address and it will automatically find the feed location.

The most useful feature of it is it also allows the user to import feeds using OPML. So if you are an existing google feed reader user or using some other software to manage your feeds, you can simply export your feeds and import it into XPRSS.

If you like sharing what you discover then again XPRSS comes handy. It allows you to share articles directly from the post page to almost all popular social booknarking and social media sites. So if you are a BB geek and love to stay updated all the time then XPRSS is a must have app for you.

Download XPRSS for blackberry (Freeware)

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