How to easily recover deleted/formatted files and drives

It often happens that we lose an important file or data by accidentally deleting it using shift + delete or remember it only after formatting hard drive partition, or it gets corrupted because of some virus attack. There isn’t really a way to recover these files manually, but thanks to software like EaseUS Data Recovery wizard, we can still recover the lost data with few mouse clicks.

EaseUS Data Recovery wizard is a free data recovery software (pro version also available) which can recover data even after it is emptied from recycle bin or formatted. It works with almost all kind of data storage devices like HDD, SD card, USB drive, RAID etc.

This tool is very easy to use, after downloading and installing the software from the link given below; when you start the software you will see a screen with three main options.

Data recovery free software

Deleted File Recovery, Complete Recovery and Partition Recovery. Deleted File Recovery will help you recover the data which is emptied from recycle bin. Complete Recovery will help you recover data which is lost due to drive corruption or formatting the entire drive. Partition Recovery will be useful when entire partition is lost due to re-partitioning or damaged boot manager.

You just need to select the appropriate option from the main screen, select the type of files which you want to recover and select the location from where you want to recover the data. Once you select the drive or location it will search for the lost files and show you the list of files which can be recovered.

You can check the preview and select files which you want to recover and click on recover button. It will ask you for the location to save the recovered file and then it will recover the files for you. You can recover up to 2GB data using the free version. The free version has got almost all features that you will require but the only constraint is 2GB limit. You can buy pro version in case you want to recover more data.  There are three more versions available which you can check here.

You can download the free version using the link given below.

Recovery software free download (4.7 MB)

[HOW TO]Retrieve data from partially working Hard Disk

Hard Disk

Many times the hard disk in your computer stops functioning properly after some years. Some part of it may become unreadable. Or you may delete some important data from your hard disk accidentally.

In such cases you can use this useful tool for retrieving your lost data. Recuva is a freeware which can recover objects/files on your computer which are deleted accidentally or by some virus or malware. It can also recover data from your partially corrupted hard disk.


The tool is very easy to use. It’s fully automatic , simply select the directory from which you want to retrieve the data. Rest of the work will be done by Recuva. It will show you all the data which is recoverable and then you can select the data which you want to retrieve.

Download Recuva (3.6 MB)


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