How to Stop Websites from Mining CryptoCurrency on your Computer or Mobile

With the recent uprising in the cryptocurrency world , websites have discovered a javascript code that allows them to consume users CPU for mining digital currency irrespective of whether you’re using a PC or smartphone without your knowledge and consent due to which your processor consumes full power and wears out fast.

So if you want to stop these websites from using your hardware here’s a step by step guide for different platforms:

1)Stop Websites From Mining via Desktops(or Laptops):

On Desktops you can stop it by adding the browser extensions. Pre-installed browsers on Mac(Safari) and Windows (Edge) do not have the add-ons feature as found in Chrome or Firefox. So start using Chrome or Firefox while browsing.

We need to add the No-Coin extension from Chrome or Firefox . Here’s a look of the extension on Chrome Screenshot_5

Based on your preferred browser download No Coin for Chrome by clicking here and for Firefox by clicking here.

2) Stop Websites from Mining via Smartphones:

To block websites from mining on smartphones processor either disable the JavaScript or enable the Browser Extensions as above.

 Disable JavaScript on Android:

1.Open Chrome ,go to Settings by clicking on top right corner ,then under advanced    go to Site settings where you’ll find the JavaScrips option.

2.After Selecting JavaScript disable it

Similarly  to disable JavaScript in Firefox browser click here.

Browser Extensions are not available for Chrome on mobile. However for Firefox the method remains the same as of desktop.

Disable JavaScript on iOS:

Following are the steps to disable JavaScript:

  •  Launch the “Settings” app and tap on “Safari”
  • Go to “Advanced” and locate “Javascript”, then flip the switch to the OFF position
  • Exit Settings
  • Quit and relaunch Safari for the change to take effect

Using your device’s processor with your consent is agreeable as websites need to generate different ways to earn revenue however secretly using your hardware is unethical.So to avoid being the victim follow the steps mentioned above.

Evernote – Probably the best way to note down things

I have this habit of noting down all the interesting things I see here and there so that I can think on it afterwards in my free time. I was looking for something which I can use on my laptop as well as on my Android and which is also quick and easy to use. In past I had heard of Evernote from one of my friend so decided to give it a try and here is what I saw.

Evernote is available for iPhones, Android devices, Windows phones and Windows-based desktops as well. After downloading the app and quickly registering for a free Evernote account I started creating notes on my phone to test this app and as I was creating notes on my phone I can see it was getting uploaded on the Evernote server. Evernote is not only about storing text files and uploading it to the cloud. One can do a lot more than this.

Saw something worth noting down? Simply click it and store it using Evernote.  Sitting in a lecture or seminar and need to note down all the points quickly? It can record audio clips as well and upload it instantly so that you can get access to it from your PC any time. You can even add location to your notes so that you can easily remember where you noted the stuff, add tags to notes so that you can easily sort them later on. See this video.

It also allows you to create check lists, do basic text formatting, insert bullets and numbering to your notes and built-in support to share notes on Facebook. Almost everything you will ever need in a mobile text editor. I didn’t find the desktop version as cool as its mobile variant. It took me some time to get used to it. I had to literally look around the window to find buttons. It would be better if they can improve the user interface. A little more clean and intuitive user interface will do the magic.

Apart from this I really think it is a nice app and will surely be very useful for people using other text editors on mobile . Give it a try.  Below is the link to download page of this app. One can download and run this app on variety of platforms. And if at all you don’t wish to install the client on any of your device you can always use it via your web browser.

Download Evernote