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[HOW TO] Remove Total Security 2009 virus/adware

Total Security or TotalSecurity or Total Security 2009 is a fake anti-spyware program. Which when installed on your PC shows some fake virus scan reports saying you have 25-30 trojans and you will have to download some stupid antivirus to remove them. It also blocks all websites on your computer. Your PC will slow down and will hang often. Some known symptoms of this virus are as below.

  • Your PC is slower than usual.
  • You get too many unnecessary pop-up windows.
  • Your PC shows some anti-virus running which you never installed.
  • Some of your settings are changed without your knowledge.


It is very easy to remove this program from your system. To remove this spyware from your computer follow the steps given below.

  • Open task manager and stop this processes. TotalSecurity 2009.exe, tsc.exe, Sc2C21UvvM.exe.
  • Delete following files. Winsource.dll, tsc.exe, Sc2C21UvvM.exe, winsource.dll, TSC.lnk, Help.lnk, Registration.lnk, Uninstall TSC.lnk and also delete the directory at C:\\Program Files\\TSC.
  • Remove registry entries of this files. To do this open registry editor and press F3.Then search for tsc.exe. Delete all the entries of that file from registry. Now search for TotalSecurity and Total Security and delete those entries too.Also look for winsource.dll file in registry and delete related entries from registry.

The virus should be removed from your system by doing this.

Now download and install free edition of AVG  to stay protected in future. Here is the download link.

Download AVG free edition

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